GOD HU ~ Peace ~ HU GOD

The Earth may pass away; the Heaven may pass away; but my love for you, my Creator, shall never die! A submitter to truth

ALLAH HU: "The primary mystical teaching of Sufism is contained in the Sufi interpretation of the Islamic credo La Ilaha El Allah Hu. What most Moslems interpret as a declaration of monotheism..."There is no reality but God' ...[t]he chant went: Ya azim, hu, hu, Allah hu, Allah hu, Allah hu, Allah hu, hu, hu, hu, hu..."

ALLAH HU: "[Songs for the Soul] This is not my body, this is the temple of God...This is the temple of God, Allah Hu...La ilaha il Allah Hu...Il Allah Hu..."

HU ALLAH: "Thy Light is in All Forms, [t]hy Love in All Beings, [t]hy Light is in All Forms, [t]hy Love in All Beings, Hu Allah, Hu Allah, Hu Allah Hu...[t]he meaning of these Arabic words: Hu [-] [t]he Divine Presence, beyond definition..."

The HU Page: "HU is the ancient name for God, a love song to God. When Soul has heard this sound, Soul yearns to go home. When one is united to the core of another, to speak of that is to breathe the name HU, empty of self, filled with love."

Egyptian God: "The Egyptian god Hu was one of the minor gods in some respects, but he was one of the most important gods for those serious about Egyptian deities. Hu is the power of the spoken word. He personifies the authority of utterance."

"[T]he spirit of the [GOD] shall rest upon [the coming Messiah], the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the [GOD]" (Isa. 11:2). "The Messiah's return and the establishment of GOD's kingdom will happen - but at a time and in a way that will take the vast majority of humanity completely by surprise!...He put an end to war and all the other problems that plague humanity...He will bring peace, happiness, prosperity, brotherhood and unity among nations, teaching mankind about the true GOD under one true religion" (J.F. Turck).
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In the name of our Creator, GOD, ALLAH or Consciousness, who has been spiritually revealed to mankind through out the millennia by its Prophets, Son or other means such as Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha and the Tao, we submitters to truth hereby proclaim the coming Scientific Revelation of the Creator and have established:

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